Workshop: Reversing All The Things

Just one week before the Juhannus TurkuSec is organizing a workshop on reverse engineering and everybody who is interested are welcome. Mastermind and the instructor of the workshop is k4m1, winner of DisObey challenge, TurkuSec speaker and member of Pwnyan.

The workshop is sponsored by Silverskin Information Security Oy. Lunch and drinks will be provided.

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We will reverse engineering all kinds of binaries, from very simple little applications to device drivers, learning how-to use knowledge gained by reversing for fun & profit.

Date: 17 June
Time: 11am - 3pm
Venue: SparkUp Turku, Tykistökatu 4B


  • Participators shall have laptop computers, preferably running with pretty much any unix-like operating system. Linux kernel is preferable but not necessity. NOTE: Contact via TurkuSec email, if you don’t have laptop
  • Some basic knowledge of x86 assembly
  • gdb, hexdump, objdump, strings, nasm/ndisasm installed. If tools are not installed, one can do it at the workshop

First Track
Learning: the basics of reverse engineering, tools, bit of stuff related to asm.
Doing: reversing fairly simple programs. exploiting some of them.

Second Track
Learning: bit more advanced reversing.
Doing: reversing more complicated programs from malware to device drivers. Developing a rootkit with help of vulnerable device driver.

For the beginners help and walkthrough will be provided. For those who are fast enough and get everything done like, way before others, k4m1 will throw something funny to reverse :)

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TurkuSec March Meetup

Welcome to TurkuSec March Meetup. Everybody who is interested in security and related topics are welcome to attend. We will have two talks and you can find rough schedule below. Special thanks to SparkUp and Boost Turku! The event is powered by Inoi Oy.

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